We're a Third-Generation Family Business with 145+ Years of Collective Experience

Ted Bell

Founder + Campground Innovator Extraordinaire

With 49 years of campground management experience, Ted Bell is in a class of his own. He has had amazing vision for the San Diego KOA that has also shaped and guided the campground industry as a whole. Today, you'd have to get up mighty early to beat Ted into work where he continues to lead projects and drive strategy for Kampgrounds Enterprises.

Mike Bell

President + Pancake Aficionado

Today, Kampgrounds Enterprises, Inc. is led by President Mike Bell. He leads with immense knowledge and a history of world-class innovation with his 40-years of experience. What's his secret to success? Maybe it's that he knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day: Over the past 40-years he’s flipped nearly a half-million pancakes at Sunday morning pancake breakfasts.

Josh Bell

Finance Guy + Campground Shopoholic

Josh lives for numbers. He eats equations for breakfast. And dreams about exponential growth at night. His experience with BIG4 Holidays Parks in Australia and Kampgrounds of America, Inc makes him an expert in the international language of numbers. Which is an important skill to have for a guy who likes to go on shopping sprees for…campgrounds.

Clint Bell

Smooth Talking Operations Dude

Donning a Hawaiian shirt by day and a tuxedo by night Clint’s not only an exceptional multi-park campground operator but also a professional auctioneer. In addition to the many Southern Californian event's by Clint Bell Productions, Clint’s smooth voice can be heard at the national KOA convention where he serves as the Emcee. We think that makes him a ‘smooth operator’ –don’t you?

Molly Bell Crawford

In-House Fun Expert

Our in-house fun expert is one-part Walt Disney. One-Part camp counselor. With a few rhinestones sprinkled on top. Molly, the Pied Piper of Fun, is always followed by a trail of children as they rock climb, pillow jump, bike ride, tie-dye, movie watch, flash light hunt and parade through their vacations. Molly also has a big following from young dancers everywhere, due to her skills of bedazzling dance costumes for her business, Showtimes Creations.

Courtney Bell

Food + Wine Wonder Woman

This wonder woman’s super power is the ability to pair a locally-sourced, fresh kale salad with the perfect crisp, cool glass of pinot gris. Does she wear a cape? Try a chef’s coat and apron. You may know Courtney from The Farmer’s Market Foodie, her fresh and local food blog. Or from giving cooking demonstrations at the San Diego KOA. You’ll also see her demonstrating those super powers at the San Diego KOA’s Sand Castle Café.

Nannette Bell

Marketing Magician

...and for her first trick, Nannette will make more guests appear at your properties. Ta-Da! She has even more tricks up her sleeves as she works her magic on digital marketing strategies and traditional marketing avenues. And just when you weren't looking: Poof! Nannette appears at Orange Tent, LLC, her marketing consultancy. For her final trick? She just may cut the marketing budget in two!

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